HERMES Consortium

HERMES is an international collaboration to investigate the genetic basis of heart failure. This unique global effort currently comprises 57 population-based cohorts, case-control studies and randomized clinical trials, including over 140,000 heart failure cases.

We aim to generate insights into the causal pathways leading to heart failure to inform new therapeutic approaches. We combine large-scale genome-wide association analysis with Mendelian randomisation for causal inference and drug target validation.

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Working groups

Metabolomics working group

The Metabolomics Working Group seeks to leverage the infrastructure, expertise, and cohorts of the HERMES Consortium with the overall goal of determining metabolic pathways associated with and prognostic of heart failure phenotypes and outcomes. The Metabolomics Working Group is performing meta-analyses of existing metabolomics data; harmonizing metabolomics data; and working collaboratively to identify potential funding sources for additional metabolomic profiling of available samples. The HERMES Metabolomics Working Group consists of representatives from HERMES genetics cohorts who are working together collaboratively to use human cohort data to better understand metabolic pathways in heart failure pathogenesis.